Our founding fathers decreed, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” However, all mountain ranges are not. This point becomes overwhelming clear the first time you catch a glimpse of the immense Chilkat and Takhinsha Mountains towering above the sleepy town of Haines, Alaska.  Haines benefits from a unique set of meteorological circumstances which culminate in a skiing and boarding experience second to none. For starters, the Aleutian Low, one of the world’s great storm nurseries, resides directly upwind providing some of the most reliable snowfall on the planet. The moisture that moves inland slams into a virtual wall of relief and provides dumps so massive they leave no question in your mind as to whether Ullr, the God of winter, is real. Sure, lots of places around the world get big dumps, but the ones Haines receives are special. Fueled by the highest coastal mountains in the world, the massive Fairweather Range and Saint Elias Mountains, and influenced from the sub-arctic Yukon Steppes to the North, a delicate balance exists, generally right near Haines. With the mingling of relatively warmer ocean air masses and those from the bitter cold arctic, the weather clears early and often and the snow quality is second to none. The combination of Maritime and Arctic influences make the snow in the Haines area some of the driest and most stable on earth, enabling us to ski and board from almost 8000 feet to sea level.

Now here’s where SEABA comes in.  Our nearly 1200 square mile heli-skiing area extends from salt water all the way to the British Columbia border nearly forty miles to the northwest. To put it in simple terms, SEABA has their zone dialed.  The guides know what you’ve been dreaming of, and they know exactly where those dreams live.  Plus, they’ve got the skills to take you down those runs safely. SEABA stages operations along a 40 mile corridor from three strategically spaced heliports, each with distinct weather influences and terrain options, to make sure you have the best opportunity to crush powder, not your bank account. Our mission has always been about the client. Staying small and inclusive enables us to maintain a close personal relationship with all our guests, shown by our outstanding number of return customers and friends. With six years of dedication, a lot of patience, growth in our community, and the support of unwavering clients, SEABA’s mission of providing the essence of adventure tourism is blossoming. Sounding good so far? Well there is plenty more to sweeten the deal. Unlike other operations which might have 50 guests skiing at once with multiple large groups per helicopter, at SEABA we max out at a mere four groups of skiers per heli with each group consisting of 1 guide and 4 guests. This translates to a unique and personal skiing experience where you’ll feel more like a first descent pioneer and less like a customer. Additionally, the tree line in Haines is higher than other Alaskan heli-skiing destinations, so while others are sitting on their thumbs wondering when the weather will clear, you’re ripping epic tree lines all day long. There is a huge amount of varied terrain for all abilities, long sweeping intermediate runs that will satisfy the desires of the blue square connoisseur, challenging summit descents for experts and some of the most extreme terrain in the world with descents up to 6000 vertical feet. But what if it’s absolutely pounding snow and the bird can’t fly? Then you can pile into one of SEABA’s 12 passenger Pisten Bully snowcats for some epic pillow lines through ancient old growth hemlock forests and gentle sub alpine glades. The SEABA snowcat area, a modest 5000 acres and 4300 vertical feet, is set up for all abilities. The essentials are all there, your friends, incredible snow, blue sky days, endless terrain, and a facility and crew that perform for you.

While your trip to Alaska is likely to provide you with the best turns of your life, the peripheral experiences will be etched into your memory for many years as well. As you return to the Fort Seward Lodge from your day in the mountains, you might see a local fisherman dropping off his fresh catch that will soon become your dinner. A short walk downtown to replace that SD card you forgot, might give you a chance to see a cow moose and her calf trotting down 2nd Street or a drive out the Haines Highway will open your eyes to see even more wildlife, as the Chilkat River Valley is home to the world’s greatest bald eagle population. All in all, you won’t be able to have a better ski trip and adventure because it doesn’t exist. You’ve watched the movies, you’ve seen the pictures, what are you waiting for? Quit fighting for first tracks and getting your gear stepped on in the lift line. It’s time to take a trip to Haines. We hope you get the chance to enjoy the experience that we and our friends have captured over the years, there is always more to come.


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