Athlete Testimonies

“I’ve skied in every major mountain range that has helicopter access in Alaska and I can say that without a doubt, the terrain in Haines accessed by the SEABA boys is the most challenging, steepest, and longest ski terrain I’ve laid tracks down.  The concentration of A+ lines is remarkable.  Out every window of the helicopter at any second of flight you can spot some of the best skiable lines on earth.”

“To me SEABA in Haines represents what heli-skiing was 15 years ago.  The terrain they access is an untouched and unexplored niche of mountains that few have seen and even less have skied.  To get the chance to ski in Haines is to get the chance to discover a new part of the world.”

Cody Townsend, Taho. CA


SEABA is the only heli skiing operation to go through when headed to Haines. Not only are their guides amazing but if the heli is grounded because of weather they also have a cat skiing operation that can get you out there. They know the terrain and conditions like no one else. I had a blast with them and they are the only operation I would fly with in Haines.

Corey Felton, Jackson Hole, WY


The SEABA Team is located in the most exciting destination of skiing in the world. The mountains look totally different than in Europe, as a young French teenager of freeski, the first runs I did with SEABA were pretty difficult for me. I was impressed by the hills, and the snow conditions. I backcountry ski in Europe a lot, and have my own opinion about the avalanche risk, but in AK, I was a real Rookie. What I appreciated the most was the relationship with the guide team. They are REAL Professionals; they know a lot about what they are talking about, after one day of skiing, I knew that I could trust them at 100 percent. I appreciated a lot, cause after that, I was able to focus more about my runs. Sometimes professional mountain guides are arrogant, bastard, asshole, but the SEABA team is the opposite, they are for sure real mountain guides. This is certainly the coolest company I was flying with. `They know how to talk with people; they were able to take the time I need to understand well what they are explaining to me. I am French and my English is not so good. To be safe in the mountains you need to be safe in your head. SEABA allowed me to reach the top of my game feeling, confident, strong, and safe.

I spent 3 weeks with them, and this is for sure the best freeski trip of my life.

Enak Gavaggio, France


One Response to “Athlete Testimonies”

  1. That was one of the most memeroble weeks I can recount as well Enak, i hope you have healed up well after your skiercross runin, hope to see you back in Haines, Sunny.

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