Client Testimonies

Incredible, thanks to all the folks at SEABA, for providing us with the ski vacation of a lifetime, can’t wait to return to Haines, AK for more of the same.
See you in the spring,

Gary Oquinn,  Vail, CO


So I had a little promise to myself for a few years now: you will ski Alaska. I’ve seen the movies, and my gut tells me that I must experience it for myself.  Well I fulfilled that promise three years ago, and I’ve been back every year since.

The boys at SEABA make it all possible and their low-key style delivers the goods.  When the guides get comfortable with your abilities, the sky is the limit. They are the best in the business- one is IMFGA certified, one has as much experience guiding in Haines as anyone, a few were ski movie stars, and one is pursuing a post graduate degree in snow science. This collective guide experience allows clients to ski the big mountains as safely as possible, while still “pushing it” when the conditions are right.  The bottom line is with SEABA, the experience doesn’t feel commercial because they know what you’re there for.  I wouldn’t fly with anyone else.  I’ll see you up there in March!

Paul Noto, Aspen, CO


I’ve skied Haines several times over the past 7-8 years.  Last year’s trip was spectacular.  I arrived with my wife Susan at the invitation of one of your guides, Reggie, my son.  Part of the motivation was to celebrate my 70th birthday.  What a celebration it was.  The day after our arrival we had incredible conditions for seven days running.  It had snowed substantially before our arrival and we had several smaller nighttime snowfalls during our stay.  It was the first time I had skied the area west of the Haines airport, which has recently been pioneered and opened up by SEABA.  It was fantastic terrain, so many choices of every kind of terrain from the most challenging to the sublime.  One day we skied several runs in an area called What’s-What.  Run after run of untracked cold Alaskan powder:  dense and creamy but bottomless, an experience one finds only in Alaska.  I now have a new image mantra for getting to sleep after a hard day:  floating down What’s What in easy long turns with the snow piling up on my thighs and blowing over my shoulders and face.  I also have some vivid recollections of some of the gnarlier runs, especially the one with our guide on this day, Tom Wayes.  He took us down a narrow, steep chute with vertical rock walls called Dinosaur’s Spine.  Susan was more than exhilarated by this run.

And SEABA has really hit its stride.  With a great little lodge and restaurant with a waterfront view, SEABA can now provide the entire package for a trip to Haines.

Roger Crist, Ketchum, ID


There are a lot of things that impress me about Haines! It’s the whole experience from getting on the plane in Juneau and flying up the Lynn canal where you look down and see where the water meets the mountains, it’s impressive! Upon reaching Haines you can see the Heli zone from the airport also very impressive! It’s a high-energy location containing endless wild life. On the way to the Heli in the morning you may see grizzly bear, moose, eagles, wolf, caribou and the list goes on. It is a true wilderness experience!

The Heli Skiing in Haines is like no other, the mountains have a little something for everyone. You can ski a range of terrain from intermediate to advanced. Just tell your guide and he will deliver what you need! By the end of the day you’re tired and ready for an awesome meal! The food at the Fort is incredible; crab, steak, shrimp and all the side dishes mash potatoes and fresh vegetables. The whole experience is easy and comfortable!

And, on down days there is snowmobiling, snowcat skiing, crab fishing, shooting guns, site seeing on the Lynn canal or just hanging at the Lodge.

Now, get up here and grab a hand full!

David Gardner,  Squaw Valley, CA


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