Photo For The Day

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Season in Full Swing

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The Heli showed up on Feb 12 and so far conditions here in Haines have been favorable. 

A series of wet storms have left a spring like feel to the region. With moderate Avy conditions the recent warm air-mass leaves the door open for some early season shredding. 

2/18/2010 – This west face know as the Dirty Slots is primed for the taking. 

Turning conditions up high are creamy and consistent

If this trend continues it wont be long before were out for some big game hunting

The Season is Near

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Just a little something to look forward to this spring

Reggie Crist finds a new line through the ice

Haines America

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How about we start our first SEABA blog post with some photos of this years patrons enjoying the best skiing on the planet.


David Gardner aka The Sarge showing the youth how its done


Jeff Mintz has been skiing Haines for the past 8 years. He claims this to be the deepest day yet


Jerry Mitchell gets a taste of the good life 


Chris duPont wishing he had brought his neckgaitor


This could be you


It only took 4 days in Haines for Tim Petrick to claim the best big mountain skiing of his life. Should note he’s been heli skiing for 14 years now


17 year old Madeleine duPont


70 year old Roger Crist

From 17 to 70 its all good here at SEABA. 

Thanks for checking out the first SEABA blog post and stay tunned for updates.